As SNS has been irregurarily growing, this makes some of us show off what they did with flawless pride and without mature personality.

We, BCC2, will ever focus on anonymous. Our knowledge and product are needed enought to present what we do.
We do take a look at what we can, not a name, meaningless fame and money.

Our products with our ideas and thoughts are surely given to people all over the world.
And we will make a future where Japanese young people live a life by means of what they can.

Our beat calls culture.



Be a support for anyone's self-actualization


Keep moving forward.
Do not depend on an idea itself, but make it happen.
Spend our time on ourselves and the society.
Stick to customer oriented.


Time is limited.
Quality must be seeked than our profits.
Everything must be done fast.


Company name GK BCC2
Address 4-379, Ohnogi, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
CEO Shunsuke Kawabata
Number of employee 3
Our business Branding, concept site management, etc.